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Film Synopsis


The History of Jungle Drum & Bass


Drum & Bass The Journey is a cinematic music documentary film special based on the history and worldwide success story of jungle drum and bass.


A legendary cast of pioneering music innovators explore the dynamic story in a series of personal interviews sharing stories, topics, moments, facts, experiences, and important corner-stone events that helped create,

define and inspire an international music market.

D&B The Journey is a story of sound, history and culture delivered in a high quality creative documentary film production showcasing the entire spectrum of a three-decade story.


From blueprint foundations, underground communities, warehouse raves, pirate radio, media exposure, mainstream cross-over; to the international impact and global success story drum and bass music has achieved.


In addition to this exciting jam-packed film a strategic interactive marketing plan is set involving audience engagement platforms,

user-generated content and an ambitious distribution plan.

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